Your Virtual Assistant: What Clients Are Saying About LexHelper

LexHelper values our relationships with clients. We work with lawyers across the country from solo and small firms to large agencies. Check out why our clients recommend LexHelper as the virtual legal assistant for the law office.

“Their work is professional and consistent, and their agents are a pleasure to work with… One of the most important improvements we have seen is an improvement in our customer service and an increase in the actual amount of calls managed as opposed to those callers hanging up or going to voicemail.

LexHelper ensures our attorneys receive messages from clients and witnesses timely via email, without spending valuable out of court time retrieving voicemails. At the same time, we are able to provide a higher level of service to our clients and the general public. If you are an agency considering the services of a virtual assistant, I highly recommend LexHelper.”

Nicole Hanscom
Operations Director
Law Office of Julianne M. Holt
Public Defender, 13th Judicial Circuit of Florida
Tampa, Florida

“I am in private practice and always on the go in and out of court. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to catch every call that comes into my law office. With LexHelper, I have never had a missed call. The services are professional, and the virtual receptionists have saved my firm a lot of time and money. Thank you for all of the great quality service.”

Wakisha E. Hazzard
The Hazzard Law Firm
Birmingham, Alabama

“Their agents understand my needs and are a pleasure to work with. LexHelper has a good understanding of the needs within the legal industry.

The bottom line is that LexHelper allows me to focus on my work as an attorney without being distracted by phone calls and voicemails… I highly recommend LexHelper.”

Brandon J. Venegas
Attorney at Law
Metairie, Louisiana

LexHelper is a virtual legal assistant and virtual paralegal provider designed to handle administrative work and improve efficiency in the law office. Our services include:

  • Live Receptionist
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Intake Form Management
  • Client Invoicing
  • Bilingual Services

Call us now at 877.828.5546 or submit an inquiry and find out how LexHelper can help your law firm.

LexHelperYour Virtual Assistant: What Clients Are Saying About LexHelper
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