Live Receptionist FAQs

Our Live Receptionist pricing is based on minutes, with all plans including handling Inbound Calls during business hours, Outbound Calls, Lead Qualification, Warm Lead Follow Up, Bilingual Capability, Call Transfers and Email Notifications.


Additional fees apply for add-ons such as extending to 24/7 Live Answering, SMS Notifications, Appointment Scheduling, Appointment Reminders, Intake Form Management, Retainer Agreement Management and Credit Card Processing.
Each of our Live Receptionist plans includes a monthly allocation of minutes. You choose your plan based on the estimated number of minutes you will use.


Your usage is then calculated from the actual time the Live Receptionists spend handling each call and sending your message after each call.
Yes, you can provide guidance on how you’d like your callers to be greeted and how you’d like receptionists to handle different types of calls.
Our head office is in Forsyth County, Georgia, within the Atlanta metropolitan area. However, we have Live Receptionists working remotely throughout the United States.


All calls are answered within the US.
Yes, we have many bilingual Live Receptionists who can speak English and Spanish fluently.
After the free trial, you get to decide whether or not you want to continue using our services. If yes, then you are billed. However, if you decide not to, there will be no charges.
You will first be billed if you continue using our services at the end of your free trial. Thereafter, you will be billed monthly from the date of your first invoice.
Yes, this is completely up to you. Consider us like an on / off switch. When you need us, turn us on. When you want to take your own calls, turn us off.
Yes, we change our caller ID to match your published office number. The client only sees your number. When the client answers, we follow the instructions for the particular call.
As LexHelper specializes in catering for solo attorneys and law firms, we are experienced in handling a wide variety of call types that are common within the legal sector. Our Live Receptionists receive extensive training in call handling and we have quality monitoring to ensure calls are handled to expected requirements.
We only transfer calls based upon your prior instructions. We call your alternative line, usually a cell phone, and explain who the caller is. If you choose to take the call, we transfer it immediately to you without you having to hang up. The caller will not be able to see your alternative number.