Frequently Asked Questions

Our pricing is based on minutes. Appointment Scheduling and Intake Form Management are added services if you are interested. These are separate charges.
The only time your minutes are used is when a live receptionist is on the phone with your clients. When the call has been transferred or the call ends otherwise, the usage against your plan minutes ends.
Yes, you have complete control over every word that is relayed to your client. You give us the information and greetings you wish for the agents to use.
Yes, all of our agents work from our office in Atlanta, Georgia.
No, we have sound dampening panels and sound dampening headsets that eliminate background noise. As an extension of your office, we give the impression that we are in the office with you.
Yes, all of our bilingual agents speak English and Spanish fluently.
No, all of our agents have neutral accents in both English and Spanish
After the free trial, you get to decide whether or not you want to continue using our services. If yes, then you are billed. However, if you decide not to, there will be no charges.
Your first bill comes after your free trial. After that, you are billed on the first of each month.
Yes, this is completely up to you. Consider us like an on / off switch. When you need us, turn us on. When you want to take your own calls, turn us off.
Yes, we change our caller ID to match your published office number. The client only sees your number. When the client answers, we follow the instructions for the particular call.
Since we deal exclusively in the legal space, we are experienced in handling a wide variety of call types. Our agents receive empathy training to help them recognize when callers are struggling. We encourage them and remind them that you are the best attorney for the job.
We only transfer calls based upon your prior instructions. We call your alternative line, usually a cell phone, and explain who the caller is. If you choose to take the call, we transfer it immediately to you without you having to hang up. The caller will not be able to see your alternative number.