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Your work as a lawyer in Georgia is varied and intense, and your primary responsibilities are to your clients. From being in court to researching trials to client meetings, your time is important and valuable. But what about all of the little things that come along with the job, such as managing your schedule, answering emails, and answering phone calls.  This type of administrative work can pile up quickly and will easily get in the way of your legal work. 

It might seem that by hiring a Georgia legal assistant, lawyers can find a solution, but that is not so simple. Many challenges come with having a Georgia virtual legal assistant, from hiring to managing an employee, not to mention the cost of having a full-time staff. This is hugely prohibitive for solo and small practices, especially. By choosing a Georgia virtual legal assistant, lawyers can find a better way. 

What Is a Virtual Legal Assistant?

A Georgia virtual legal assistant offers the same services as a regular Georgia legal assistant but does so remotely. They can work from anywhere in the country and don’t require you to provide the standard overhead that employees generally need, such as supplies and office space. Additionally, they work hourly, providing significant savings over the traditional legal assistant. Best of all, they are professionals within the legal field, ready to assist you and your practice’s most need. 

Virtual legal assistants were made possible by advancements in technology that allow people to work together remotely. In today’s world, a remote workforce has become more commonplace, which has provided a huge advantage to the legal industry.

What Are the Benefits of a Virtual Legal Assistant?

Provide Top-Quality Customer Service

Your firm’s success is entirely dependent on the continued satisfaction of clients. But all of the legal work you have to do can get in the way of providing excellent customer service. A virtual assistant can take care of the little things that will make each client feel special and well taken care of. Additionally, a virtual assistant will allow you to go the extra mile in communication and follow-up. 

Run a More Efficient Business

From contracts to client management, it’s easy for small and large tasks to fall through the cracks. A virtual assistant can stay on top of everything for you, making sure nothing gets forgotten and what is most important gets completed promptly. From monitoring the big picture to the tiny details, a virtual assistant is there to help. 

Save Time and Money

A virtual assistant is paid on an hourly basis; this means you’re only paying them for the time they work and for when you need them. An employee can cost a great deal of money and takes time to manage. A virtual assistant frees you from all of that at an extremely affordable cost. 

Find a Better Work-Life Balance

By hiring a virtual assistant, you’ll be taking much extra work off your plate. Striking the right work-life balance is a challenge in the legal industry. A virtual assistant can help you achieve the right one. 

What Services Can a Legal Assistant Provide?

Research and Writing

Legal research adds hours of work to any case. And writing is an arduous process. Having a professional legal assistant to help with both research and writing is an invaluable resource. You have the option to choose a virtual assistant who is professionally trained to help with these tasks. 

Management and Review of Contracts

A professionally trained virtual legal assistant can help you review contracts and create a system to manage them. Contracts are a significant part of any law office. An additional person working on this aspect can significantly cut down work for you while ensuring that necessary paperwork is not lost in the shuffle. 


They do not teach you how to balance the books in law school; it is a time-consuming and challenging task for anyone and extremely important. A trained virtual legal assistant can bring the expertise necessary to offer legal accounting, making one less thing for you to worry about while also providing full access to monitor your firm’s financial picture. 

Data Entry

Data entry is never fun, but the Georgia virtual legal assistant must do it correctly. If you are doing your data entry, you waste valuable time that can be spent on more critical tasks that require your unique skill set. Outsourcing data entry takes it off your plate while ensuring it gets done well. 

Why Hiring a Georgia Virtual Legal Assistant Is Right for Your Firm?

From lawyers with a solo practice to large firms, the world is becoming more accustomed to remote work. Perhaps you have even been meeting with clients remotely recently. The latest technology has allowed considerable advancements in outsourcing to a remote workforce. And while it may seem as though outsourcing legal work is more complex, by choosing the right company, you can feel secure in having many tasks handled by an outside professional. Selecting a virtual legal assistant brings numerous benefits to any firm and allows you to offer a higher service level to your clients while saving you both time and money. 

Hire a Georgia Virtual Legal Assistant 

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