Podcast | The Gen Why Lawyer: “Building a Technology-Enabled Company”

Virtual Assistant Overview

How can a Virtual Assistant impact your Law Firm?

My guest is Rhett Marlow, CEO and President of LexHelper, a technology-enabled virtual assistant company specifically focused on helping attorneys, law firms, and agencies.

While Rhett has been an entrepreneur most of his life, it wasn’t until his brother, a solo practicing attorney, voiced some concerns to Rhett about his solo practice that Rhett thought of a great solution. He co-founded LexHelper as a means of providing attorneys and law firms solutions to their receptionist and assistant needs.

What We Cover in this Episode:

  • What lawyers can learn from the medical industry
  • How to find customers in the legal profession when you’re introducing a new service
  • What you can do if you’re not a fan of being chained to your desk all day
  • How to test and validate a new business idea
  • What role competition plays in YOUR business plan
  • What marketing efforts have helped Rhett grow the company


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LexHelperPodcast | The Gen Why Lawyer: “Building a Technology-Enabled Company”
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