EmoryWire Showcases LexHelper: Every Lawyer Needs an Assistant

LexHelper founder Rhett Marlow shares the mission driving the virtual assistant’s success in October’s EmoryWire.

“We have the tools and process that allow you to focus on the top line, while enhancing the bottom line,” Marlow explains to Michelle Valigursky about LexHelper’s commitment to provide front office and back office support to attorneys, law firms and agencies.

Establishing a repeatable process is imperative to any business success, and Marlow has put systems in place to increase an independent lawyer’s efficiency, manage influx of business, and track progress. When it comes to logging billable hours, “There is a cost associated with each incoming and outgoing call.” Marlow says. “LexHelper offers a way to provide uniform client management and billing without sacrificing the quality time needed to develop positive attorney-client relationships.”

EmoryWire, October 2015

Marlow earned his MBA from Emory University in 2002.

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LexHelper is a virtual assistant designed to handle administrative work and improve efficiency in the law office. Our services include:

  • Live Receptionist
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Intake Form Management
  • Client Invoicing
  • Bilingual Services

Call us now at 877.828.5546 or go to LexHelper.com and find out how LexHelper can help your law firm.

lexhelperEmoryWire Showcases LexHelper: Every Lawyer Needs an Assistant
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